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Smile - R502:05

Smile - R5

R5 is an unique band of siblings and a best friend. The band members are Riker Lynch, Rydel Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Ross Lynch and Ellington Ratliff. Their youngest brother, Ryland Lynch is known as the "manager" of the band. The siblings were born and raised in Littleton, Colorado. They have been performing, acting, dancing, and singing ever since they were babies. They finally moved to Los Angeles, California in the fall of 2007, and have been working on theatrical, commercial, and dancing projects. After their move to LA, their final member Ellington Ratliff joined the band. With Riker being on Flee and Ross starring in his new show on Disney Channel, Austin and Ally, R5's fan base has been increasing.R5 is now working on their new album and hoping to land a major label recording contract.

R5 is a unique group of siblings born and raised in Littleton, Colorado. They have always had a fascinated group of followers and fans, ever since they showed up at their first performance in their matching outfits at the age of six on down to one. They’ve been performing, singing, dancing and acting, since they all could barely walk. Finally moving to Los Angeles in the fall of 2007, they’ve struck a chord in Hollywood, working on nearly 100 different theatrical, commercial and dancing projects.

After adding the crucial missing link, the best friend and drummer “Ratliff” to the family band, they are even more excited about their musical future. They can be seen playing live shows throughout the LA basin, from Six Flags Magic Mountain to The San Diego County Fair.

With Riker’s recurring role on Glee and Ross’s new starring role on Disney, the R5 fan base is growing rapidly around the world. Many of those fans are seasoned Hollywood producers and musicians that are surprised at the writing and performance skills the band has shown at such a young age. And next month (Febuary) R5 new Ablum come out called LOUD EP. :D


Riker Lynch:Full Name: Riker Anthony Lynch

Age: 20 Birthday: November 8, 1991 Random Facts: -known as the leader of R5 -oldest member of R5 -plays bass -known as "Jeff the Warbler" on Glee -favorite drink: Hot Chocolate -favorite pie: Banana Cream Pie -favorite color: Blue -biggest pet peeve: Being woken up

R5 TV - EPISODE 24 SMILE!!! =03:09


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Rydel Lynch

Full name: Rydel Mary Lynch Age: 18 Birthday: August 9, 199 Random Facts: -only girl in the band -favorite color: Pink -favorite perfume: Pink Sugar -plays piano -starred in "School Gyrls" as one of the cheerleaders

-known as the giggly one

Rocky Lynch:

Full Name: Rocky Mark Lynch

Age: 17 Birthday: November 1, 1994 Random Facts: -writes most of the R5 songs -known as a "music genius" -plays lead guitar -key founder of R5 -favorite band: The Script -favorite candy: Nerds -favorite color: Green

Ross Lynch:

Full Name: Ross Shor Lynch

Age: 16 Birthday: December 29, 1995 -On Austin and Ally -Lead Singer of R5 -Jean Paul Gaultier is his favorite cologne -favorite candy: Cad berry Eggs -favorite color: Yellow -favorite sport: Hockey -can play guitar, drums, keyboard, and bass -loves anything that has to do with flying

Ellington Ratliff: 

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Full Name: Ellington Lee Ratliff

Age: 18 Birthday: April 14, 1993 Random Facts: -His first name is Ellington, but known as Ratliff so that every band members' first name begins with the letter "R" -Favorite color: Green -appeared in the pilot episode of Victorious -plays the drums -very sarcastic and comedic -he once wore a penguin costume on stage

Ryland Lynch:

Full Name: Ryland Michael Lynch
R5 Tribute08:53

R5 Tribute

Age: 14 Birthday: April 17, 1997 Random Facts: -youngest member of R5 -known as the "manager" of the band -plays football; his jersey number is #1 -he loves to prank call people -favorite color: Red

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